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Lightronix Technology is one of the largest Manufacturer & Exporter of LED Street light, LED Flood light, Led High bay Lights, Badminton court & Sports Lights, IP66 Day night sensors and other lighting products. Lightronix Technology is also an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for other leading LED lighting brands. Lightronix Technology’s product development team designs exclusively market-driven and cost-effective LED lights. Patent protected products are one of the company’s greatest assets. Lightronix Technology values innovation as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Known as one the most reliable source of LED lighting products in India. We operate in the Gandhinagar (The Capital of Gujarat). Visit our office in Gandhinagar to view our Products or contact for any inquiries or questions.


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Be Green and Save!

Every little bit helps the world to become a greener place.

To be honest, we’d love to try our own Lightronix LED Lighting Products and solutions, but just knowing you switched one incandescent bulb for a LED one, makes us more than happy.

At Lightronix LED We’re about making a difference and living sustainably.

We believe the world is ready for a change and we advocate for the Progress -Not Perfect philosophy. You don’t have to change all your Light bulbs today, or tomorrow. Every step counts in the road to a brighter, better future.

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While our business began with Led Street lights, IP66 Day night sensors, Led Flood Light, Led Sports Light, Badminton Court Lights, High bay lights, well glass light, high mast light. We are also an OEM supllier of the premium LED lighting brands. Our full line of products are professional, energy saving oriented, high luminous intensity and safety, installation and environmentally friendly

Our product development team designs exclusively market driven and cost effective LED lights. Specializing in LED lighting products, we supply to residential and commercial buildings, churches, malls, parking lots, outdoor and indoor establishments, and stage entertainment companies. Patent protected products are one of the greatest assets to our company. Lightronix Technology values innovation as a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Some of our LED lighting products include: LED Street light, LED Flood light, LED Highbay light,IP66 Day Night Sensors, Badminton court & Sports Ground Lights, Induastrial LED LIghts, outdoor lighting, parking lighting, and many other LED lighting solutions.