We are one-stop solution for LED lighting product development and design related services. At Lightronix, we have handled complexities, demands, specifications and challenges with great care, passion and confidence.

With the field of LED lighting product development and design becoming competent and growing at a fast pace, it is hard to keep up to the expectations of consumers and emerge out as a winner. Lightronix promises to provide a complete set of services when it comes to LED lighting products design and development.

Our core team of professionals is equipped with dynamic skills and proficiency to provide the best to our clients. Our expertise lies in providing excellent products and services to our clients in the following LED lighting product services.

Other services

Lightronix is an LED lighting product Design Company based in India that is religiously dedicated to provide professional and affordable LED lighting products to customers worldwide. We have always emphasized on quality work when it comes to designing an LED lighting products. We have offered affordable variety of product designing with excellent Quality to our client. We are also proud to endorse that our Engineers hold mastery in designing high Quality and low cost products.

  • Lighting Product Designing
  • LED driver Designing
  • Embedded System Designing
  • Printed Circuit Board Designing
  • Circuit Designing
  • LED Mounting Work
  • Laser Printing 

We promise you to deliver the best in LED lighting product design and development services.
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Lightronix stands by its products. In general, terms, the company gives a full 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty on all of its Lighting products from the date of handover to the owner, providing that Lightronix be notified of this within 1 month. If Lightronix is not notified of this date, the warranty period will be deemed to have started at the date of delivery of the parts.

If the Buyer wishes Lightronix to carry out the commission, at the cost of the customer, the warranty period will increase to 3 to 5 years warranty on the Premium products only. The start date of the warranty shall commence on the date the product is handed over to the owner, providing that Lightronix be notified of this within 1 month otherwise the warranty period will have deemed to start on the date the commissioning was completed.